How to go viral on Reddit


1. Find good content. Reddit karma is actually so easy to get if you post good content. If your post didn’t go viral, there’s a pretty good chance it’s not as good you think it is. A good metric to go by is if it can go viral on some other platform like TikTok, there’s like a 50% chance it’ll go viral on its corresponding subreddit for the same niche.

For reposting, check out Twitter, Tumblr, TikTok, or Instagram. OC karma is a lot harder to get, so you’ll really only get karma for original content if it’s content that’ll blow up on some other platforms.

Side note: do not repost from Reddit because that might get you banned

2. Post at the right times. Every subreddit has a different timezones where most users are active. If you are too lazy to do analyses for each subreddit on when the best times are to post, then 4-7AM PST is a pretty safe bet for most US based subreddits.

3. Good clickbait titles. If you are posting a text post, you NEED to have a clickbait title. Have you wondered why some random r/teenagers posts that have basically no content get so popular? Yea me too—it’s because they have clickbait titles. If you are posting an image or video though, instead of clickbait, you need to summarize your content OR provide additional valuable information about your image or video.

4. Post several times a day. To get 50k karma a day, you need to post several times a day. It’s pretty rare to get a post over 100k upvotes even through aggressive karma whoring. This point only applies to if you really want to get over 50k karma a day.

5. Stick to Reddit. Unlike TikTok or Instagram, Redditors don’t like self promoters. If you want to go viral, treat Reddit as its own platform, so don’t stick your Instagram handle or YouTube links on your posts. If it’s an image post or video though, watermarking it doesn’t hurt at all.

6. Find a relevant subreddit. There are a lot of niche communities within reddit that can net you a lot of upvotes. Some subreddits are harsher though and don’t give out upvotes while others have people who love upvoting.

Let’s say you post a lego stop motion video—you could either post on r/gifs, or you could post and probably do better on r/lego. Do understand that some niche communities are dead and won’t get you very many karma.

Also, some subreddits like OC while others don’t, so if you don’t want to be bullied and want to show off your talents to the world, make sure you find subreddits with an audience that appreciates OC posts. For music, this could be r/lingling40hrs for example. And r/teenagers is a good subreddit to post your thoughts.

7. Don’t spam posts. Spamming might get you banned, so it’s absolutely not worth it in the long run. Post in each subreddit like max twice a day just to be extra safe.


How do you tell if a post will go viral? Well, it depends on the subreddit. Usually, if you get 100 upvotes within an hour on a subreddit like r/nextfuckinglevel or r/blackmagicfuckery, you will end up with a few thousand upvotes.

Conversely, for the same result on like r/greentext, you only need about 60 upvotes for the first hour. Some subreddits require a lot, like r/funny you need around 500 upvotes usually to hit 30k upvotes, so it really depends.

For almost all subreddits, if you posted a post and 20min go by, and you get less than 5 upvotes, you might as well just delete the post because it won’t blow up.

Lastly, post around 7 hours after the top post of hot. It’ll usually do better.

P.S., the more you post the more you learn about Reddit. Hope this helps some of y’all in some way lmao.

TL;DR: how to get karma on reddit and get a few thousand doots per post consistently.